The GENERAbet team firmly believes in the probability and statistic results based in the overall of sport events.

In GENERAbet we have created and developed a probability generator that results very useful for obtaining more benefits is we Extrapolate this information to the sport bets.

The use of the generator in really swift and simple so that with only a few seconds you can calculate a determined probability about an event of a determinate market.

After a thorough research about the market more adjusted to the statistic we have detected four of them in soccer: Results, goals, Corners and Cards.

The statistics are obtained with the results of the current season, or the current season plus the last one and exclusively of the regular season in that competition, so that they can’t be thwarted with obsolete data or secondary competitions or play-off.

Likewise, in the classifications of those countries where there are Opening and Closing tournaments or several Conferences, we consider a single classification for the optimization of the search for probability.

We offer several advanced search engines and other very useful tools where you can perform all kinds of filters, detailed matches, insertion of manual quotas, individualized tabs of each team, rankings of teams, rankings of referees and many ways to reach a required data in the shortest time possible.           

Also, detailed information depending on whether a team is local or visiting, because that generally plays a really important role.

We encourage you test GENERAbet and discover how much it can help you with your bets.

Sincerely the GENERAbet team.