RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING is committed to Responsible Gambling and puts at your disposal the data of a series of entities or associations where to go in case of being immersed in any undesirable situation (such as gambling addiction) and where insurance will receive the corresponding help. To participate in the bookmakers one must be of legal age (+18 years).

The Responsible Gambling consists in the rational and sensible choice of the gambling options, which takes into account the situation and personal circumstances of the people, preventing the gambling from becoming a problem. Responsible Gambling involves an educated and informed decision on the part of consumers with the sole purpose of entertainment, distraction and in which the value of the gambled never exceeds what the individual can afford. Responsible Gambling is a leisure and entertainment activity and never interferes with social, professional or family obligations.

The responsible gambler: The responsible gambler gambling to have fun and entertain, not to earn money. He knows that he can be lucky and win, but that he can also lose. Gambling responsibly means making decisions based on facts, keeping control over the time and money you want to spend. Gambling responsibly, makes the activity of the gamble a pleasant, fun experience, without risk of harm to yourself, family and / or friends.

How to gambling responsibly: gamble for fun, not for money or to avoid problems. Do not pursue or try to recover losses. Gamble for fun, enjoy winning but consider that you can also lose. Do not borrow money to gamble. Gamble only the money you have decided to use for fun. Never use the money you usually spend on your fixed expenses, such as food, transportation ... In times of emotional crisis, self-control decreases: avoid gamble at those times. Do not let the gambling affect your relationships with family and friends. Set a time and money limit to gambling. The only game measured is the fun game. Source:

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Links of websites and associations that may be of interest: (good gambling)

Meeting point created by the Dirección General de la Dirección del Juego (Directorate General of the Directorate of the Gambling in Spain) in which to find information and tools to encourage, when you gamble, you do it as an entertainment option.

Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego

The Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling is the body of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration that, under the Ministry of Finance, exercises the functions of regulation, authorization, supervision, control and, where appropriate, sanction of the gambling activities at the state level.


Non-profit, confidential and non-denominational Healthcare Center, whose work is focused on the Information, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of all people of any age, race, sex and social condition who have problems with gambling, drugs or alcohol as well as their families and environments affected by dependency. Azajer is a member of the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated gamblers of Chance (FEJAR).

Nonprofit association, registered in the Community of Madrid, formed only by psychologists specialized in therapeutic care and support of people who suffer addictive problems of a psychological nature in a disinterested manner.

Anonymous gamblers

Group of men and women who share with each other the experience, strength and hope to solve their common problem and help others recover from the problem of the gambling. Association for the rehabilitation of pathological gamblers and other addictions, supported by the Federation of Catalan associations of people affected by gambling (FACAJOC), whose objective is to offer an interactive space for citizens, sick people and relatives, and other related entities.

Life without Gambling Association

Association with a welfare and non-profit nature, whose sole and priority purpose is to help people who have problems with gambling or other addictive behavior disorders, their family and friends.


Professional service with charity-social vocation that was born in GP GABINETE DE PSICOLOGÍA, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. Its objective is the treatment of pathological gambling or pathological gambling.